When I started this blog last year, I presumed the kids would provide the bulk of my material.  I think this has been the case.  I also feel like now is as good a time as any to introduce them a little bit more.  I will start with Joel, for no other reason than the fact that he is the kid who spends the most time with me.  Joel is our youngest child.  He is a 50/50 split, genepoolwise – he has his mother’s looks and is an introvert like his father.  He has a “logical” thought process.  What I mean by that is the conclusions to which he comes make sense, even if/when they are unexpected.  I had the following exchange with him in November:

“Why do some cars not have license plates on the front?”
“You need to have them only on the back in some states, like Michigan, where Auntie Sam grew up.”
“I want to go to Michigan.”
“Ok, that would be fun.”
“So we can take off our front license plate as soon as we get there.”

I’m glad he’s thought this one through.

From Sunday:

I get it – the Millennium Falcon is more important to him than the Atlanta Falcons will probably ever be – he is not the jock of the family.


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