Checkered Flag, Here I Come!

My apologies to “Cars” for my unclever take on one of its lines.  Friday got off to an uneventful enough start – Joel slept until 7:30 and Paul slept until 8 – and had an uneventful enough end with a few fireworks in between.  Paul told me he wishes he had a different dad (I think he’s done with me and this summer).  I guess we had gone about a week without a fight over who flushes the toilet (Joel pooped, Paul peed, Paul flushed his pee and Joel’s poop before Joel could flush his poop – apparently this is a big deal).  Joel wanted to play with the kids’ Lionel train.  Paul wanted to suck his thumb and not get dressed.  I think everyone was done with summer to some degree.  Fifteen down, zero (or two) to go.


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