One of the part time jobs I have in addition to my full time job as a stay at home dad is a live data entry specialist at Sportradar US.  Sportradar US is the fastest growing sports data provider in North America and has exclusive agreements with the NFL, NHL, International Tennis Federation, and NASCAR, among others.  A gross oversimplifacation of my job is that I watch live sporting events (depending on the sport, literally live, not the Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake seven seconds or more delay), enter play by play as it happens, and have that data fed to companies such as the Associated Press, FanDuel, Twitter, etc.  I found, from time to time, last summer that covering baseball games was, for lack of a better word, therapeutic for me.  Maybe it’s the fact that I love baseball.  Maybe it’s the fact that baseball has a rhythm to it.  At any rate, it does it for me.  Last night was a dark night for me for whatever reason, so it was good to have a baseball game to cover.  Twelve down, three (or five) to go.


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