Final Countdown

No dice rolling today – the boys and I went to Wabun Picnic Area, one of their favorite places to go last summer, which has deep enough water for Paul to swim and a splash pad for Joel.  On the way there, Joel saw a red “Dodge Viper” (every muscle car with broad stripes from the hood to the trunk is a Dodge Viper to him, even if it’s a Chevrolet Camaro, a Ford Mustang, etc) and Paul thought he saw the “Mystery Machine” (it was a Dodge 350 with a light blue and light green paint job).  At any rate, waking up before 7 and playing outside for a while with a heat index above 90 resulted in both boys napping for almost two hours (they woke up in time for dinner after I had left for work).  Two down, thirteen (or nineteen) to go.


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