Euro 2016 Day 5

I would have written last night, but I was at work late and knew I would be up early this morning (just part of working part-time evenings and weekends and having kids (insert hashtag first world problems if it makes you feel better)).


Austria vs Hungary.  Austria looks good but not great in red jerseys with white accents, black shorts with white accents, and red socks with white accents.  Hungary looks good but not great in white with red and green accents.  This match looks good but not great.  Grade: B.


Portugal vs Iceland.  Portugal’s green socks are a nice touch.  I’m on the fence about their darker red sleeves – I don’t love them and I don’t hate them.  If it seems like I wrote pretty much the same thing about France, it’s because I did.  You make a template kit, Nike, you get a template opinion.  Iceland looks great in white with blue and red accents.  Grade: A.


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