Euro 2016 Day 3

Another day, another three matches.


Germany vs Ukraine.   White jerseys, black shorts, and black socks do say, “Germany” but not quite as much as white jerseys, black shorts, and white socks do,in my opinion.  Still, a solid look.  Ukraine looks good in yellow with blue accents.  Grade: A.


Northern Ireland vs Poland.  At this, I am seeing a pattern for myself.  Darker sleeves bother me much more on white jerseys than in dark jerseys.  As a result, I find myself liking Northern Ireland’s green jerseys with blue sleeves, white shorts, and green socks, especially when matched up against Poland’s white jerseys, red shorts, and white socks.  It’s a balanced look with contrast but not clash.  Grade: A.


Turkey vs Croatia.  Gradients and sublimation are two things that divide the uni-verse, and this match features both of them – Turkey with a red to black gradient from the jerseys to the shorts, Croatia with a blue and navy blue checkerboard pattern on the jerseys.  I like both sides’ kits by themselves and love them together.  Grade: A+.


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