Euro 2016 Day 2

Three matches today, so let’s get to it.

Albania vs Switzerland.  I like both sides’ kits by themselves – Albania’s red-black-red look offers the first non-monochrome kit of the tournament and Switzerland’s jerseys have a slight gradient which really does it for me – but not together.  Grade: B.

Wales vs Slovakia.  I like Wales’ kits for the same reason I like Albania’s.  I really like Slovakia’s blue kits with light blue trim.  Unfortunately, I am starting to get a blue and red overload after three matches.  Grade: B+.


England vs Russia.  I officially hate what Nike’s template has done to England’s kits.  Navy blue partial collar, light blue sleeves, and red socks?  I don’t know who that looks like, but it doesn’t look like England to me.  I officially love Russia’s maroon kits with gold accents.  I don’t care if maroon and gold aren’t “Russian” colors – sometimes it’s good to think outside the box.  Grade: C (F for England, A for Russia).


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