Euro 2016 Day 1


Long time no blog.  Sorry about that.  I have decided to spend the next 30 days writing about kits worn during Euro 2016.  Why kits?  I am a uniform and logo geek.  Why Euro 2016?  Sportradar US (Sportradar AG in Europe), a company for whom I work, is running a picks contest; I have already offered my opinion on who will win, lose, or draw matches, why not offer my opinion on how sides look?  First up, the hosts France vs Romania.  I have always had a thing for the combination of red, yellow, and blue.  From a color wheel perspective, they are the three primary colors.  Red offers more contrast from yellow than from orange, yellow offers more contrast from blue than from green, blue offers more contrast from red than from purple, etc.  Red doesn’t clash with yellow, yellow doesn’t clash with blue, blue doesn’t clash with red, etc.  France’s red socks are a nice touch.  I’m on the fence about their darker blue sleeves – I don’t love them and I don’t hate them.  Yellow has been one of my favorite colors for as long as I can remember, so seeing Romania wearing yellow from top to bottom makes me smile.  Grade: A (I’m waiting for a combination to blow me away before handing out an A+).


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