On to World 2


Prologue: When my wife and I asked the kids what they wanted this past Christmas, our older son said, “A video game that I can play with my brother.”  We did some research and found that New Super Mario Bros Wii was very highly recommended.  I apologize in advance if I’m telling you things you already know, but what appealed to us the most is that it’s a two (or three or four) player co-op game instead of a two (or three or four) player competitive game.  Having never played any Mario games on Nintendo 64 or GameCube, I was (and still am) impressed by how far the franchise has come since Super Mario World on Super Nintendo.  Both boys caught on very quickly to the fact that I was saying, “You’ve got to be kidding me” during each new level we tried.

Long story short, our older son and I finished off World 1.  I don’t know if I want to say that I’m proud of him (something about saying that I’m proud of my five and a half year old son who’s good at video games seems wrong to me), but I do appreciate his “sticktoitiveness” and how excited he was.  Before they went to bed, both boys told me, “When Mommy gets home, can you please tell her we beat World 1 and got World 2?”

Epilogue: On to World 2.


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