First things first.  Whatever this blog turns into – a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, or one time thing; a bright idea or a fool’s errand – there are some people who deserve my thanks.  My wife of six years and counting suggested a few years ago that I write some memoirs of my life at home with the kids (4, 5, and 13).  I told her I didn’t have time to do that, but if I did, I knew what I would title them – Man on the Run.  Of course, with a movie, a studio album, and a song of the same name existing, I figured I would run into all sorts of copyright laws.  I thought to myself, “What would anyone who knows me well at all recognize as significant things in my life?  Being a dad?  New flavors of Mountain Dew being introduced?”  Plus, I think Mtn Dew Dad has a nice ring to it.

The aforementioned kids have been, are, and will continue to (I presume) provide the bulk of my material.  Not that they are any less busy than they were a few years ago, but they are a bit more self sufficient.  I feel like I have more opportunity to reflect on what they do instead of just react to what they do, if that makes sense.

This blog is not affiliated with or endorsed in any way by Pepsi or Mountain Dew and its content and views are solely its own.  That being said, Mountain Dew will find its way into many of my posts.

Last but not least, WordPress has given me a platform for publishing my content and views.  In the interest of full disclosure, I am not in possession of any literary degree, so I make no promise of style over substance.  If anything, I will promise substance over style.

Here’s hoping a combination of kids, caffeine, and a career proves to be as entertaining as I believe it will be.  Until tomorrow…or the next day…or next week…


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